Looking Out My Back Window #104

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This is the 104th “looking out my back window” post I’ve done. The end of the second year of blogs. I can’t believe I’ve kept it going so long. I think blogging finally “took” this time because of all the feedback I’ve gotten over the years, especially on Facebook. I really appreciate those of you who take the time to read through what can be rather lengthy posts and comment, “like” & “share” them. Every year I complete gets published in book form, so with this being the end of the second year, look for the second volume of the “looking out my back window” series of books in the next month or two. For those of you who haven’t picked up the first book yet – it’s probably my favorite of all the books I’ve written. I absolutely love that book. You can pick that book as well as the others I’ve written at my Amazon.com author page here: amazon.com/author/davidgeschke.  So – today. Today I’m an organized mess. I feel like this is every day. I have a very organized structure to many things in my life, and I also just have piles of baggage everywhere to deal with “some day”. I’m an organized mess. Laurie is out of town this weekend, so I had plans on how I was going to get things done with my time – had it all worked out exactly what I was going to do when both Saturday and Sunday. And I was excited to get a few things I’d been putting off taken care of, too. Then I get a text from her regarding “mowing the lawn”. I hate mowing the lawn. That wasn’t in my plans at all. Our grandson Ben likes to mow our lawn because we pay him. But, he lives an hour away and even if he gets dropped off that means I’ll have to feed him, take him back, etc – and the “plan” I had gets screwed. This type of situation creates inner turmoil for me, my “plan”, or my “routine” gets messed up… my ego goes crazy. And as it’s happening yesterday, I’m aware of it, and all I can think to myself is “surrender to what God’s plans are for the weekend.” So I do. Not only do I get Ben here, but I decide to keep him overnight. Yeah, we had a great time. I worked in the garage, he mowed, we showered up, went to the Olive Garden, talked about how he should own Olive Garden stock, the waiter spilled an entire glass of water in my lap. Have you seen the water cups at Olive Garden? A full cup, directly in my lap. And all we did was have fun with it. You gotta surrender to the moment, and love all of them even with a glass of water in your lap. Ben said he knew how to make malts, so we got malt stuff. I was in the other room changing into dry clothes and I hear, “Grampa, we have a situation here” – the entire container of ice cream came out of the cardboard and is stuck in the top of the blender. Ice cream is melting everywhere – it’s on the counter, the sides of the blender – if you know me you know I do not like messes like this at all. And we had fun with it. The malts were made, they were awesome, it all got cleaned up and we went to watch the movie he selected (Jumanji). Jumanji isn’t available on Netflix or for rent on Prime. You have to buy it. $15. I saw the look when he thought we weren’t going to watch it after talking about it for hours. We now own “Jumanji”. Fantastic movie. He loved it (so did I). Yesterday was a day we’ll remember for the rest of our lives because I was able to surrender to God’s plan instead of following my list. Can’t wait to see what he has planned for today

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