Looking Out My Back Window #12

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The plant needs to be repotted and staked. We know  – so… just thinking a lot these days about “capacity”. Like, how much can any one person do given the time constraints we have? Because I feel like I’m running my life at 125% or more of what I can actually get done. And that means, by default – I can’t get to 25% of the things on my to-do list. Seems like this is the case for many of us. And it’s easy to get caught up doing things we think we “should” be doing and forget that we have choices. I had lunch with my friend Julie Maree last week, she said that we “should” all over ourselves. Probably funnier when said out loud rather than read, but still so true. We spend time doing all the things we feel we “should” be doing at the expense of what we “could” be doing. And we have so little time. There are many books, articles and videos out there that will tell you to “follow your heart”. That’s easy to say, but hard to do. Because, how do you know if the voice guiding your thoughts is really “your heart”? I have to believe the voice inside our heads that never shuts up is NOT our hearts. Our hearts lie much deeper than that. Our hearts lie in our relationship with God. How many of us truly know what our hearts want for us? How many of us even seek the knowledge? How many of us have truly defined our values? And, even if we have done work in these areas, it’s not always easy to tell where our thoughts are coming from – is that my ego talking?… or my soul?… the longer I live, the more I realize the importance of conscious contact with God (for me). Because, if you want to follow your heart you first need to KNOW your heart. Everything else will fall in line from there. I’ve asked the question before – “if conscious contact with God is the most important thing in life, why isn’t it the most important thing in my day?”… I know I have atheist friends here on Facebook, and for those of you that don’t believe in God, get in touch with love. I think we can all agree that love exists. When you know your heart, you can follow your heart. There are so many decisions in life that aren’t “black & white”, that are much more complicated and hard to really see which is the path to take? The less you know about your true self, the harder those decisions will be. Take some time to know your heart today. It’ll make everything easier, but it’s a lifelong commitment 

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