Looking Out My Back Window #139

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Gotta blog a day early today. Tomorrow I have an early flight to head to a Puerto Vallarta to play some shows with my old band Road Trip. There’s a lot of fear in the world right now regarding traveling due to the coronavirus outbreak. As a species, we seem quick to fear. But when fear becomes the basis of decision making it will often lead us astray. There’s a reason we do feel fear at times, and when justified we need to heed those warnings. Everything we do comes with some risk. My own mother got sick from the E. Coli outbreak in the 90s and spent the last twelve years of her life in a nursing home because of it. All because we ate lunch at the Sizzler in Milwaukee on the wrong day and time. Who would ever think going for lunch would affect your life like that? But it did. There are all kinds of things that could happen any given moment of any day. Cancer. Car accidents. ALS. Alzheimer’s. Pneumonia. AIDS… it’s a long list. In the past year I’ve known several people severely affected by things in the list I just posted. This trip is scary to me not so much in my fear of the virus, but fear of the unknown. This version of the band isn’t the band I played with – three of the members (half the band) are people I didn’t play with at all. The music is all different. We’re not sure what the gear situation will be like when we get there. So, I’m traveling with a group of people I don’t know extremely well to another country during an outbreak playing songs I just learned after one practice with questionable gear. What could possibly go wrong? Well, I choose to focus on what’s going to go right. I hope to come back with three new friends as I get to know the new members during the course of the week. I think the shows will be awesome. I know the people in the band well enough to know we’re all the type of people to make the best out of whatever situation we’re handed once we get there. I plan on meditating, reading, doing yoga, running, soaking up the sun, hitting the spa, getting plenty of sleep and coming back healthy and refreshed. It’s going to be awesome. There are no guarantees in life. In times like these, I dig deeper into my faith. I know that love needs to be the guiding force in my life. I also know that sometimes there are incredible experiences that can only be attained on the other side of fear.

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