Looking Out My Back Window #140

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Gotta blog a day early again this week. This is the view out my back window here in Puerto Vallarta. What a crazy week. I’m not even sure where to start today, but the world seems to be in panic mode regarding the coronavirus. People are hoarding water & TP I guess. Events are being canceled. People aren’t going out as much. Driven by fears of catching and/or spreading the virus. But here in Mexico I’m surrounded by a plane load of great people who signed up to come with my old band Road Trip for a week and everyone is just having a great time. The stock market is going crazy, schools are closing, people are wearing masks, it’s world wide pandemonium – and in this little space on the planet it’s just a whole bunch of people having the time of their lives. And really – we all have a choice when it comes to anything in life. So many things happen that we have no control over. But we can control our own reactions. While the entire planet is going crazy, we can learn to enjoy whatever happens. When our minds start to be fearful, when thoughts start to swirl around and tension and anxiety builds… is this why we’re here? Did God put us on the planet to live scared, anxious, tension filled lives? I just can’t see that. There is a peace available to us if we get in touch with God, or love, or whatever higher power you care to seek – on a daily basis. Storms are man made. The surface of an ocean during a storm will be choppy and scary to navigate – but below the surface the water is calm. God is calm. We’re here to know love. We’re here to help one another. Live in wonder. Everything is amazing. Panic comes and goes, but it’s our choice to accept it. Get calm. Find the love. Live from there. Give everything you can, always. What an amazing gift we’re given – life on earth. Every second counts. Live with passion 🙂

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