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Ah… 2020. Confusing times to say the least. Everybody has an opinion. So many people see their opinion as truth. And if we see our opinions as truth, that what we believe is what everyone should believe because we know the truth… and that truth conflicts with the truth someone else has found that is diametrically opposed to it… well, Facebook is full of threads and threads of people arguing, name calling, both sides posting research and articles they declare are the facts backing up the beliefs they hold as truth. But the only truth is no two people will ever see things exactly the same way. I’ve written about truth before, and I’ve found it to be a touchy subject because there’s so many people who really believe there are things that are just true without any grey areas. Even subjects that abound in grey areas. And right now it seems like more than ever we’re dividing ourselves on any and every issue that comes up. It feels oddly Orwellian to me. So, here’s what I’ve decided to do. And I’d be remiss without mentioning I got this idea from a James Altucher’s book “The Power Of No”. We’re all familiar with, and I’ve written many times about being grateful for every moment we have. Not taking anything for granted. I wrote a book called “Everybody Dies” that is really all about making sure we use our present moments wisely, because we never know when they will end. “Live like it’s your last day on earth”. Well, what if we flipped that around, and instead look at the people we meet and interact with and treat them like it’s their last day on earth? Would you be more compassionate with someone knowing it was their last 24 hours of life? Maybe less inclined to have to prove your point and just let their truth be their truth? More likely to really listen to them, since there’s so little time left? I think so. I’m going to try it. And one more thing on “truth” – can you look back on your life and see things now that you were convinced was the truth at some point in your life that you’ve changed your mind on? Question everything, even the things you feel really are true. In our hearts, we know only what is true from our viewpoints. This is by no means saying the truth we hold in our hearts can’t be a guide in our lives. It’s where our passions come from. When we do hold something dear, and feel we can make a difference, hopefully a positive difference, in the World, well there’s nothing wrong with that. But when we get caught up in trying to have everyone see things from our point of view, well – that’s never going to happen, and – unless arguing with other people is your true calling – it won’t bring much love or happiness to your life, either.

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