Looking Out My Back Window #168

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Does your life have meaning? Why are we here at all? Why do we all have a unique look, a unique mind, a unique voice, yet still somehow feel connected to each other as well? Why is life set up the way it is, with school and jobs and retirement? Why do we care so much about looking good, or what anyone else thinks, or being “normal”? Just exactly what, and who are we? What is life? Knowing the limitations we have, how should we live? Every single person that ever was or ever will be will answer these questions differently. We will all face challenges. I’ve written before about the tools we’re given at birth – a vehicle (our body) and a supercomputer (our mind). There are people who are born with deficiencies right out of the gate. Why? It doesn’t seem fair at all. And it isn’t. But as humans, we take what we’re given and move ahead. How we look at ourselves and live our lives will in no small way be determined in our childhood. Are we smart, athletic, good looking, funny, outgoing, well liked – or no? What do we tell ourselves about who we are when we’re too young to really think about who we are? And, if we start thinking we’re stupid, or ugly, or clumsy, or insecure at a young age and that belief is reinforced over time – doesn’t that become a part of who we are today? And it so often seems like we as humans are so self critical. Nothing is ever good enough. So, how does that play out over time? Do we get so caught up in the mundane we forget to look at really designing the life of our dreams and moving in that direction instead? What if it’s scary? (It probably will be) – What if it won’t look like a sane decision to any of our friends and family? (It might not)… that fear keeps us just living every day the way we always have and isn’t conducive to creative efforts at all. Now, I’m not saying there’s really anything wrong with routine – anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a creature of routine – but, if your heart is calling to you to do something, or be somewhere, or talk to someone – and fear of doing something out of your comfort zone is the only thing holding you back, well – you get one chance at life. We all leave our marks on the world. Why would you want to get to the end without ever exploring everything that was possible, everything you yearned for? Maybe the other side of fear is where the meaning is for you. Let’s not get so caught up in our day to day activities that we forget to visit our inner self periodically and listen to the voice within. Often, that’s where the magic is if we’ll take the time to listen, and suspend our disbelief for even just a second or two about who we are and what is possible…

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