Looking Out My Back Window #183

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Nothing to see but reflections when you’re up before dawn. Does anybody trust anyone or any thing any more? I’m not sure there’s any way to really tell if we are less trusting than ever these days, but it feels like it to me. I know when I see any kind of news article posted I look to see if it’s from a credible source. I’m pretty sure what I call a credible source wouldn’t be what other people would call a credible source, and vice-versa. In many ways it seems like more and more people have already determined in their heads “this is how things are”, then will follow that predetermined mindset until they find something that goes along with it despite any evidence to the contrary. And social media formats make it so much easier to be shitty to anyone who doesn’t share your views. But it seems like distrust is becoming a way of life now. Like, once your mindset becomes one of not trusting – everything comes into question. It becomes a mini paranoia. We need to open ourselves up and learn how to trust again. Would God put us here to live our lives filled with paranoia, anger and distrust? Even if you don’t believe in God, is that really how you want to spend your time? We need to look for ways to serve each other, and come together. Now more than ever. For me, that starts by seeking peace within through meditation and prayer. I trust that my instincts will guide me when my relationship with God is strong. And if we all seek that peace, we’ll find that there are as many different opinions on who God is, what God wants from and/or for us, and how we should follow His guidance in our lives as there are people in the world. Even on this topic, we as humans can take something like “seeking God within our lives” and disagree. And therein lies the problem. When we think we know what’s best, not just for us, but for everyone – that we have it all figured out religiously, politically, or personally… we can see anyone who disagrees with us as “wrong”. And for whatever reason, so many people need to prove that their views are the “right” views, that we have arguments, fist fights, riots, or wars over… man made obsessions. It’s my belief that we all want what’s best for ourselves and the world in general, we just have serious disagreements on how that should or could be accomplished. When we allow our obsessive compulsion to be “right” guide our actions, it is very hard to come together as one. We will find whatever evidence we need to fight tooth and nail to defend our positions. We’ll spend an inordinate amount of time fighting between ourselves, even though in the end it won’t matter. Chances of you changing anybody to your point of view is slim to none. And all you will have done is created more upset in your life. For nothing. I decided long ago not to get caught up in back and forth wrangling about opinions. I seek my own peace. I work on being a trustworthy person. I view my circle of friends and family as trustworthy people no matter how much we disagree on God, politics, sports, or anything else. Learning to trust can make you vulnerable to people who will take advantage of a trusting nature, so make sure your trust is well placed, but living a kind, loving and trusting life beats the alternative to me.

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