Looking Out My Back Window #2

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Squirrel out there today. He was fun to watch. Couple ravens been visiting every morning as well (not pictured here). Beautiful day… why are we here? Why is anyone or anything here at all? And, how is it possible that for all the people and all the beings ever throughout the history of time every one of then is unique, yet nothing comes or goes? Where does space end? I mean, really – space can’t end, can it? So… it goes way further out than we could ever conceptualize. There has to be other life forms out there, right? Out of all the stars and planets and galaxies, could earth be the only one sustaining life?… I doubt it. But it makes me think – how small we are in the grand scheme of things. How insignificant things are that we let bother us. How little time we have. And how often we let life dictate to us rather than taking time to design a life we truly want and love to live. What’s important to you? What are the things you love to do? Do you know? Sometimes we’re so out of touch with ourselves, these can be tough questions to answer. And life can pull us in and once we have ritualistic habits that may or may not serve us, it can be very hard to change direction. So every weekend at least, I take the time to think about where we’re at, where we’re heading, what could I do differently, are we missing opportunities to enjoy life more, to serve others more, to make sure our time here is used in ways that create value. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one and once life hits auto-pilot mode that can be a very dangerous thing. Are there possibilities you’re overlooking? Because we all have opportunities every day that we miss because we have auto-pilot blinders on and aren’t attuned to see things as they present themselves. Personally, I like to think of even crazy things as possibilities (such as “sell it all and move to Maui, for instance)… because once we limit our field of vision, we might not see everything… and there’s a squirrel out there today 🙂

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