Looking Out My Back Window #21

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Well, good morning everyone. Thanksgiving this week. Christmas coming up. Winter coming up. Today, I’m wondering why I feel compelled to write every week… and why anyone would care to read it. Like, who am I to say anything about anything? I don’t really have an answer for that, all I know is I love this time of the week. I love seeing what comes out once I sit down to write. And I love watching the feedback once I’ve posted. Thank you all so much for all the interaction in previous posts. As for today’s topic… I’ve been thinking a lot about what we tell ourselves about ourselves after we use the word “I’m” or “I am”… I know I personally can be my own worst critic. So even though I try to be really aware of what I’m saying when I talk to myself, especially when I use the words “I am”, I can be very judgmental. For example, I really try to watch my weight, I weigh myself daily, workout as much as possible, and I know what eating certain foods and/or portions and/or timing of meals can do for my weight the following day. I’m (ah-ha! – there’s the word “I’m”!) not always so good at following what I know to be best practices in that regard, though. And if I string together a couple days of late, oversized meals (like I did the last two days), I’ll gain several pounds. And what goes through my head? All kinds of negative self talk. “I’m such a fat ass” seems to be a favorite. I‎t can go downhill from there. “I’m so ugly”…. and, when you’re obsessive/compulsive this can really start a negative spiral that crosses over into several areas of life. So, part of every morning, every evening, and every meditation for me, is planting “I am’s” about myself that I want to be the truth for me. “I am thin”, for example. “I am healthy”. I have a whole mantra of them, and I change them as necessary based on what I feel I need to focus on at any given time. Currently it’s something like this: “I am a runner. I am thin. I am healthy. I am prosperous. I am wealthy. I am love”. If we don’t plant positive images of ourselves into our self conscious minds, it’s pretty easy for the negative thoughts to take control. So, when I have a day like today when I’m not feeling so great about where I’m at physically, when a negative thought like “I’m a fat ass” pops up, my subconscious doesn’t accept it. Because, every day – several times a day – I tell myself “I am thin”. And that becomes my reality. And then the subconscious mind will go to work fixing the issue. Since I’ve also been telling myself “I am a runner”, the first idea is – we better get out there and run! (Whether or not I actually do this remains to be seen)… there is an entire book written about what you say to yourself after you say “I am”. It’s called “The Moses Code”. The premise comes from God telling Moses in the Bible, when Moses asks who shall he say sent him (burning bush conversation) replied: “I am that I am”. There is also more on this topic in the books “Wishes Fulfilled” by Wayne Dyer, and “The Power of Awareness” by Neville Goddard. Start watching and listening to what you tell yourself after you say the words “I’m” or “I am”. I’m surprised how often I catch myself following it up with something negative. Purposely start planting seeds of future intention using “I am” as the precursor. You’ll see it when you believe it

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