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Always one of my favorite Sundays of the year – the start of the NFL season. Sweet!… been thinking a lot lately about Murphy’s Law. You know Murphy’s Law, right? “If anything can go wrong, it will”. Buttered toast will always land on the buttered side when dropped. The line you pick will always be the slowest moving line. When you’re in a hurry, every slow moving vehicle in the country will manage to get in your way. That’s how it works. Last week I saw that I had two appointments scheduled closer together than usual. I asked my assistant about it and it was the only time available for the first appointment. The second appointment also could not be moved. The first appointment had one hour available for what is usually a one hour appointment, but normally we’d build in at least an extra thirty minute “buffer” zone in between appointments so we never get rushed at the end (nobody likes that). On this day there would be no buffer zone. The appointments were later in the day on Friday. Every day I looked at my schedule for the week and thought “that’s just asking for trouble”… and, of course, it was. Even though I explained the predicament right away and let everyone in the first appointment know I only had one hour before I had to be elsewhere – that appointment went way over an hour. Murphy’s Law strikes again. Luckily it worked out that the people at the second appointment I had were also running late so we were good, but… all week long I looked at those appointments and thought “too close together. Asking for trouble”… self-fulfilling prophecy? My heart was telling me to move those appointments, but my head convinced me we could get everything done in time… and in the background was our friend Murphy. “If anything can go wrong, it will”. Not exactly the way I like to look at things in general, but Murphy’s Law can help us avoid situations like this when we’re aware of them. I tend to over-insure everything. Life, health, auto, home – whatever. It’s my way of using Murphy’s Law in reverse. If you don’t have enough insurance, you’re asking for trouble. I figure the more I insure, the less chance I’ll ever use it. I’ll probably live forever because of it 🙂 – so, there are times in our lives when we can look at a situation and use Murphy’s Law as our friend – by preparing for the unexpected. Is it really unexpected if you expect it? Ah… that is the question. I’ll be pondering that until the games start at noon.


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