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Another “lamp in the window” morning. I love mornings. Just so peaceful. Probably my favorite time of the day. I’m almost always awake hours before anyone else. I take time every day to reflect by writing three pages a day, reading at least ten minutes a day, meditating (also at least ten minutes every day), and yoga (20+ minutes every day). My evening routine includes running 2+ miles every day. Why all of that every day? I’ve found that the morning routine really helps me get calm about where I’m at and what I need to accomplish for the day, the week, and the near future. There’s always a lot going on here with my job, a new book coming out, a new recording coming soon as well, working on the next album (already), and projects that haven’t even begun yet but are still in the planning stage. Then there’s making some room for family, sports (which for me is mostly watching on TV and trying to keep up with my fantasy lineups), maybe getting a workout in here and there, keeping up with whatever show(s) we’re binging on at any given time… a lot of demands on my time. Writing every day helps me clarify what I need to get done and in what order so I’m not scattered doing things now that could wait and letting something important fall through the cracks in the meantime. I got in the habit of writing every morning after reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Fantastic book in which she recommends writing three pages a day. I’ve been doing that for years now. Basically journaling, but getting the thoughts that are in your head down on paper. You can’t shut your thoughts off, right? So while that sounds like a lot of writing, it really should just be easy – write what you’re thinking. It’s amazing what a great technique this is. I can’t imagine starting a day without it now (what the author calls “morning pages”). Reading – I love to read. Mostly spiritual and self help, biographies, fitness, something to help me look at what’s good and improve my thoughts, my body, my overall health. Every day. Meditation – well, it’s not easy for me to calm the speed of thoughts and sit still for at least ten minutes a day, which is why I do it. Yoga, too. Yoga is just such a great way to meld the mind/body connection. Stretching, strength, balance… you learn a lot about yourself when you do yoga. And running. Although not a morning routine, it is a routine for me. I love to run. Another mind/body thing for me. There are definitely days where I don’t want to do it, or have to do it at a time that isn’t optimum for me. I do it anyway. And that’s really where the magic is. Those days where you don’t want to do it, but you do it anyway. You learn a lot about yourself in those moments. But why everything every day? For me, as a confirmed obsessive/compulsive person – that’s the only way. If I’m not 100% in, I’m out. If I try something like “I’ll run every other day” – in two weeks or a month I won’t be running at all. Those days off will build up and I’ll fall off the runs entirely. Or anything else. I need to make it a habit. A daily habit. This is the list of habits that are important enough to me to be done every day. A year from now they could look very different. Everything is in motion, always. People change. The world changes. What’s important changes. Through it all maintaining a fit mind and body is extremely important to me. I try to do that by creating daily habits that support a healthy lifestyle.