Looking Out My Back Window #223

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Today’s weird morning is partially brought to you by a bizarre evening last night that seems to have extended its stay to today a bit. But hopefully that’s all over now. I’ll try to be as concise as possible here. Yesterday, I got my new book back and ready to upload from my editor, who also handles getting everything ready graphically for publishing. This is my 6th book, so we’ve both done this many times. For whatever reason the Kindle book wouldn’t take the upload. He tweaked it and we tried a 2nd, 3rd, and finally 4th time before getting it to go through. Took hours to figure out the problem. So I went to bed thinking everything would just be uploaded and ready to go when I woke up. Nope. When I got up I had an email from Amazon telling me there were several issues and I needed to get back to them ASAP or they weren’t going to publish it. It’s the fourth book in a series and the prior three books sailed through with no problems. So I replied with the info they needed, only to instantly get a reply from Gmail letting me know I can no longer reply with that email address anymore. What? I’ve been using my Gmail account to handle my www.DaveOnBass.com emails for years. But today – nope. And – I know from past experience Amazon will not accept any email that is not from the one they have on file – so emailing them from my Gmail account won’t work. I need to get the daveonbass emails working and soon. Tic tic tic… maybe an hour later I have a solution in place. Get ready to email the answers to the questions holding the entire process up, and… I get an email saying my book has been published. Ugh. So… what happened? I never did answer their questions. I’ll probably never know. Don’t care. But I spent hours getting everything uploaded and set up so that I can reply to daveonbass emails from an actual daveonbass account. Which I would have needed anyway. But now the whole day is disjointed, my routine is screwed, and it was an odd way to start the day. And as a result you’re getting this bizarre blog today instead of the normal thought provoking introspective things I usually post. Sometimes even the best laid plans hit a snag. When you think you’re in for smooth sailing, well… watch out. Things will go the way they go no matter what you have planned. Surrender to each moment and enjoy it all. It was kind of a rush getting through all that, but now the rest of the day is gonna be golden. I think so, anyway. We’ll see if the Universe concurs 🙂


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