Looking Out My Back Window #231

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Well, Christmas will be here soon. It’s such an odd time of year to me. I’m not sure how we got here from there I guess. First off, we know that it’s the holiday season and many people celebrate something that isn’t Christmas, which really doesn’t seem like an issue at all to me, but somehow people can be upset by “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. Or vice versa I guess. Maybe if something that trivial is going to upset you you’re missing the point of the entire season? When I was a kid, celebrating Christmas had basically nothing to do with the birth of Jesus and everything to do with presents! I was an only child and my parents totally spoiled me and I got tons of stuff every year. I loved it. All about getting stuff. Not sure I ever really understood or cared about what Christmas was or symbolized at all, to me it symbolized materialism. And I guess I’ve always been so-so on the whole “Santa” thing, too – it’s like we start lying to kids as soon as we can to keep this legend alive… it’s never felt quite right to me. I think being honest is important. So I guess what I’m saying is – how did something – whatever tradition it is for you, but here in the US it’s mainly Christmas – that is really supposed to be a spiritual holiday – become so commercialized? I’ve looked up the history of it all in the past, and long ago forgotten it. But what I do know is this… the kids and grandkids come to our house almost every Christmas morning. We spoil them like my parents spoiled me. Everyone gets a lot of stuff. We are together as a family. We eat, we listen to Christmas music, we open the presents, we bond as a family. We have a great time every year. Everyone loves everyone. And that is what it’s all about. The time shared with each other. The love. Being there for each other. Strengthening the bonds that tie the family together, and bringing that love into everything we do. I hope you have that, I know not everyone does. Not everyone wants it, I guess – we’re all different. Whatever you situation is, whatever you celebrate, even if you don’t celebrate anything – this time of year is a good time to check in and see where your heart is. Are you living your best life? Are you grateful? Do you feel blessed? You create your reality, so check in with your heart and make changes if you need to. And help others whenever possible as well. Donate, volunteer, or just be there for someone. Get in touch with the love within yourself, then share it with your family, your friends and the world. And have a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever else it is you celebrate. Enjoy the Festivus airing of grievances if that’s your thing. But use this time to make sure you absolutely love every minute of your life as much as possible. It’s not about the stuff. It’s all about the emotions. Feel the love. Share that love. Be kind. Be grateful. Be generous. Be the best person you can be. What if we all really thought about and strove for that every day? The world becomes a better or worse place to live based on the actions of each of us as individuals. The more we act from love, rather than reacting from fear, anger or hatred – the better off we’ll all be. The only actions we can control are our own. Each of us holds the key to the future within our own hearts. Find ways to spread joy this season, and get to know the feelings of love and gratitude within you. Then take that feeling with you every day going forward…

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