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Every Sunday morning for almost five years now I’ve sat down and thought about life. Took a photo out the back window of wherever I was and posted it along with whatever thoughts were in my head that day. Today is the 247th week. That’s just crazy to me. Why did I start? Why did I stick with it? I really have no idea. It just became a part of the routine. Every year I publish the last 52 weeks of posts in book form, too. This year I’ll publish the 5th book in the “Looking Out My Back Window” series. They don’t sell very well, and I don’t care. I love that there’s a permanent record out there for anyone to see and read. Like my grandkids for instance. Man, I’d love to see something my father or mother wrote – or my grandparents. They’re all gone and I have very little to remember them by. I never even met my grandparents on my father’s side – they had passed before I was born. It feels good to me knowing that once my soul leaves my body there will be books and music that I created and/or helped create that will live on. I cherish the few pictures I have of my family – and newspaper clippings. It was certainly a different time back then. No phones. Life didn’t get recorded every day like it does now. When people die now, you can leave their Facebook Page up as a legacy for them. Go back and reminisce if you’d like to – see posts and photos… and who knows where technology will take us in the next 20-50-100+ years? I’ll be 63 in August, and the older I get the more grateful I am for every second I get on this earth. It certainly is a wild ride. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer wrote a book near the end of his life called “I can see clearly now” – I think it was the last book he ever published – where he looked back on all the momentous occasions in his life, often they were things that looked terrible at the time, and saw why they had to happen and the perfection in how it all played out… I certainly can look back and see that in my own life. I’ve led an incredible life. I am so very grateful. There are many chapters yet to be written and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. And years from now, if my grandkids are reading this – or maybe the kids of my grandkids – here is my advice to you: live every day with love in your heart. Take nothing for granted. Learn to surrender to God’s Will as His plan might be much greater than anything you ever dreamed up on your own. Enjoy every moment. Create something that will live on long after you’re gone. And live with integrity. We need more of that in this world. You are the only you that will ever be – so be the best you you can be. With nothing but love in my heart – Grampa 🙂

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