Looking Out My Back Window #260

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Years ago I watched as one of my best friends made the decision to leave his job and start his own business. At the time he was my personal trainer so we saw each other several times a week. I remember all the things my friend went through at the time to get a business in place, and all the anxiety and frustrations that came with it. And all the fear that comes with making a huge leap like that without a net. He thought that the people who dealt with him would follow him, but there were no guarantees. It was extremely expensive to setup. There would be significant monthly costs to run the business from day one. And on day one, there would be zero clients and zero money coming in at the open. We both felt like it would be the right move for him long term but any time you start a new business you’re taking a huge risk. And I watched as that business took off on day one and has now grown to two businesses. I think it’s probably one of the best decisions he ever made. It would have been a lot easier not to do it. But often in life, the magic happens on the other side of fear, right? When the Universe taps you on the shoulder and says, “hey, check this out”… well, you have to explore it. Because sometimes God’s plan is bigger than your own. And even though from the outside looking in it might seem crazy to others – when you start moving in a direction that comes from deep within your soul, when the guidance is so strong and once you start following it everything in your life conspires to work with you, you know you’re on the right path no matter how scary it might be to follow it. Faith is an amazing thing. I try to strengthen my relationship with God every day by setting aside 18-20 minutes for meditation and guidance. He gives me 24 hours, I can give Him that much time in return. And when you’re in touch with God and His will for you, it’s easier to see when you’re being guided by Him. But it doesn’t mean you won’t face a lot of fear and anxiety to get to where you’re being guided. You have to have faith. You have to know, internally, that no matter what happens you’ll be ok. Your soul has to be secure. Your heart has to be full of love. And once you’re in touch with your intuition, and surrender to it no matter what the obstacles… miracles happen. Have faith and pay close attention to the guidance God gives you because His plan could well be greater than yours, and the miracles are so often on the other side of fear… my life is anything but tranquil right now, but my faith is strong. And I do everything I can to approach every second of every day with love in my heart and passion in my soul, no matter what the situation is. It’s all I know. Every moment counts. It’s an amazing ride from birth to death, make sure you take full advantage of every second by listening to and following the guidance that comes from within.

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