Looking Out My Back Window #263

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The plant seems to be taking over. I love this view, though. It’s a great space to write and read and contemplate life. And right now there’s a lot of life contemplation going on. I guess there always is, but it’s an interesting study in human psyche to see how people react to my recent job change. The instant I decided to make that move, it changed the interpersonal relationships I have with hundreds of people. For many people the relationship was totally solidified. For people still at my old company, it can be an awkward vibe right now. It’s a great company. They are great people. I realize I’m probably going to have little or no contact with many of them going forward now. And even when I do, in some cases the vibe will be just a bit “off”, you know? At least for now. Hopefully with time that will subside. I have many great friends that still work there, but when you leave one company for another it tends to put a strain on relationships at the company you left behind. Funny how that works. I mean, I totally get it – why that happens – it’s just interesting to me that the same two people can be one thing to each other one day, and the next day everything changes just because of how we perceive each other now. I’m including myself in that, too, BTW. We judge people with our minds. The mind likes to put things into categories. This person works here, that person works there, this company is good, that company isn’t, it’s all a bit Orwellian, right? And it’s a fact of life. I am in no way meaning to say anything disparaging about this, because it’s also in my own head as well. I just wish it wasn’t. My goal in life, and I admit I haven’t been great at this, but it’s certainly my goal – is to meet everyone with love and understanding. That means understanding that not everyone I know will be happy with the decisions I make. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks seeing how people react to this change. It’s an extremely hectic time, as major life changes usually are. And when the dust finally settles, I’ll have some new relationships starting, many old relationships solidified, and some people that I’ll never see or speak to again. I hate that part of it. But I knew going in that would be the case. Every day I spend as much time as I can getting myself aligned with God and His will for me. It is in the sacred space within us all that He resides. And I try to get in touch with Him and follow His guidance in everything I do, including this. Because in our most trying times, when you’re in the eye of the hurricane, it’s not easy to set aside time to take care of your mind and body. But it’s also when you need it the most. When we approach each day centered in God and His will for us, and we do so with a healthy mind and body, great things can happen. It doesn’t mean they’ll be easy though.

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