Looking Out My Back Window #268

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Well, today is SuperCoolFunDay. You might ask, what the heck is SuperCoolFunDay? It’s a family tradition we started ten years ago when our grandkids were quite young. The original idea was that I would take an entire day off from work (something I rarely ever did at the time) and we’d plan a full day of fun things to do – I mean a full day, too. Morning to evening. Year one we totally pooped them out, they were all passed out in the back of the car on the way home. This year our grandson Ben Getschman turns 16 – today. He might be driving home with the two of us passed out in the backseat tonight. It’s going to be a great day. The rules were set year one: no whining, no picking on each other, only fun on SuperCoolFunDay. And we’ve had some really great years, too. Today will be no exception. In our heads, we’re already set to have a great day. Then we do. Funny how expectations create results sometimes. Even when things didn’t work out perfectly – we’ve had rainy days when we couldn’t do exactly what we had planned, for example – it was always a great day. So, who’s to say every day can’t be SuperCoolFunDay? It’s something I strive for every day. I try to set myself up to have a great day. I look at my schedule and send love to everyone I’ll be meeting with beforehand. I see it going well. Does it always go well?… no, but that’s why life is so interesting. We have no control of anything except our own perspectives and reactions. When you see everything as amazing, everything will be amazing. And today is SuperCoolFunDay, so go out and make it so. Why live life any other way?

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