Looking Out My Back Window #269

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Rain today. 1st NFL Sunday of the season. September. Winter is coming… why does Summer zip by at 80mph then Winter seems like you’re stuck in the back of an old Buick with your grandparents driving 15mph on the freeway?… harumph. No, this is not the topic today. Today I’m thinking about intuition vs. ego and how the two relate to each other. First of all, when you get an idea like “I should quit my job and start my own business”, let’s say – how do you know where it came from? Is it the internal drive that comes from intuition, a “feeling” that you need to take your life in another direction? Or is it coming from another place entirely? It isn’t always so easy to tell. Urges often come from our ego. Salespeople know that you need to get someone to take action while they have the urge to do so. We’ve all bought things on impulse and maybe come to regret it later. It’s why some people like to walk away and think about things before they act – to make sure it’s something they really want to do. Intuition is a tricky thing. Often it comes to you and just kinda sticks there in your head even though the idea at first might seem crazy or unreasonable. But it just doesn’t go away. And you feel a drive to do something that comes from a place deep inside you. Following your intuition can be an extremely scary thing to do. It goes hand in hand with faith. Having faith that what you’re doing really is guided by intuition and that no matter what the results look like you’ll be ok with them. To me, intuition is guided by God. It’s God’s will. The more you are in touch with Him, the more you’ll start to realize when an idea is coming from intuition. And following the intuitive voice can be, and usually is, very scary. Because as soon as you do, your mind will freak out. Your ego will fill your head with all the reasons you shouldn’t do this, it won’t work out, just leave everything the way it is… it’s fear. And fear is the worst life strategy you can have. Intuition is guided by love. And we’ve been given the choice, too. Surrender to the opportunities placed in front of you, because so often God has a much greater plan then we could even imagine… or live in fear. Don’t take any chances at all. Even if you try to focus on love and be in touch with God’s will, there will be fear. Not many people are truly fearless. Nor would you want to be, really. Fear has a time and place, and our intuition can also use fear as well – ever think something just didn’t “feel” right so you didn’t go to that event, or buy that product? Depending on where you’re at in life it can be very hard to know where our thoughts and ideas are coming from. But when you truly feel you’re being guided by intuition, you need to consider that voice no matter how crazy it might seem to you or others. Because often listening to our intuition creates magical moments in our lives. And we need all the magical moments we can get.

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