Looking Out My Back Window #274

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So, in the middle of todays post, Facebook decided to do an update and I lost everything originally written and had to start over. Interesting, since today’s post is about the dichotomies that we all carry within us. Like peaceful and angry for instance, because I went from one to the other pretty quickly just now. Anyway, I’ll try to settle down and get back on point here. I love routine, but I also enjoy being challenged. I’m selfish, but giving. Good/bad, happy/sad, calm/nervous – we have a lot of different ways to be at any given moment. And in general we try to keep our lives as even keeled as possible. Most people aren’t so crazy about change at all. Yet everything is always changing, that’s how life is. Nothing is ever constant. We like things to stay the same because it gives us a feeling of comfort and stability. Nothing wrong with that – I certainly have my routines that govern a good portion of my life. But really… nothing can ever be counted on. People and pets die. Accidents happen. Anything we “own” can be destroyed or stolen. I use quotations there, because – what can we ever really own, anyway? We don’t own anything, we just think we do. We’re just spiritual bodies passing through time. Why did we get this body, these parents, the family we have, how did we get ourselves to this moment? What decisions have we made that created our life as it is? Did we take any chances? Are we upset by the unexpected? It depends on what the unexpected is, I guess. An unexpected lottery win might not be too upsetting, an unexpected death in the family not so much… So we do our best to live safe and secure lives and not take too many chances. But really… when do you feel most alive? Watching other people bungee jump – or doing it yourself? No way you’ll ever catch me bungee jumping, but you get the point – stepping outside that comfort zone – whatever it is… can really bring more life to living. Are you being pulled in a direction you’re scared to consider?… do you have things getting dusty on a list to do “someday” that you never really consider?… consider the things you’re scared to consider. Look at everything, always. We are all free agents in life. You’re free to live a life taking as few chances as possible if you want to. You’re also free to try new things, listen to your heart, change the people and things around you, or create a future that has nothing to do with your past if you want to. And through it all, either way you’ll be second guessing it all… because that’s what we do. We’re human. We worry about making bad decisions. We get used to where we’re at. We tend to like to stay there. When we dig too far into our routines are we really open to possibilities?… consider it all. Check in with your heart. Take a risk now and then. We get one life, live the best life you can. And I’ll see you on the bungee course, watching you live the life of your dreams.

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