Looking Out My Back Window #275

Those of you who have been Facebook friends of mine for any length of time might remember that my wife and I like to travel a lot. Mostly tropical locations. Beaches. We love it. Especially Maui. We’ve been all over the world, but Kaanapali Beach in Maui – oh, man. It’s my personal favorite vacation spot. And we try to go every year… until COVID. Last time we were in Maui was fall of 2019. We booked a trip for 2020 that got pushed to 2021… then pushed forward to… this Thursday! OMG! We’re finally going back. And we haven’t taken a beach vacation in so long I’m totally full of nerves and anxiety… Gizmo went with us last year when we drove to Florida, but he’s staying home and breaking in a new dog sitter this year. Even that creates some discomfort. The whole process feels kinda “alien” again it’s been so long since we’ve travelled. Kinda scary. We had gotten so accustomed to taking trips that it was almost second nature back in 2019 – now it feels all weird and discombobulated again. And, with everything else going on in my life – starting a new business, trying to get an album written and recorded, publishing my next book… is this really a good time to take twelve days off?… it seems like often the things that are best for us can be scary to move forward with. It’s always easier to do nothing. But this trip has been planned for a long time now, and I think it’ll wind up being totally what I need when I need it. All the other stuff I have going on – it gets in your head. Gotta be here, gotta be there, gotta get this done, don’t forget about that, can’t make any mistakes, need to work faster, etc, etc, etc… I love to be busy, but busyness can go hand in hand with tension. And as much as I really want to be a loving and caring person, I know that’s often not how I come across. Tension brings impatience… anger… fear… and really, I want to know more love. I want to spread more love. I want to make anyone who has contact with me in any way better for having had the experience. I hope that’s what we all want for each other. But it’s not how people come across all the time. I’m not even close to being perfect on this issue. These vacations really help put things in perspective for me. I’ll never forgot the trip I took to Florida in 2018 to write Feed Your Angel. I had no idea how wound up I was until I sat in that room alone and realized how addicted I had become to my ego. I outlined that whole experience in the book. It was eye opening. So easy to get caught up in the mind’s chatter. I want to move forward with more guidance from the soul’s love. It’s a never ending process. But I am very thankful to have the life I have, to be able to do the things we do, and live where we live. I intend to relish every moment, and come back refreshed and revitalized. Sometimes stepping back helps us move forward.

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