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Good morning, everyone. As I look out my back window today, I guess what’s on my mind is that I hope all of you have love in your life. And laughter. And something you’re passionate about, that makes you want to get up in the morning. I see so much anger in my Facebook feed, often it’s from people who I think consider themselves religious and/or spiritual people. And I can’t help but think sometimes “would Jesus post that”? Why are we so angry? Believe me, I’m including myself here. I really try to stay away from anything political or religious on social media. I’ve seen the conversations degrade too many times and it’s just not worth the effort to me. But I’ll read a lot of things, especially when there is a discussion that isn’t just name calling and hatred. Not often that occurs, though. So, I ask again – why are we so angry? Why do those posts so often lead to people unfriending each other, calling each other names, and ruining the entire relationship? Can’t we have a difference of opinion without being a moron? If the world runs anything like my Facebook feed, we’re all easily offended and whatever we’ve found to be the truth in our lives is the way it is, buddy – and if it’s not exactly what you think, well you’re not only wrong, you’re also stupid and I now hate you. Wow. I can’t go through life like that. So, please – before you forward the next hateful meme that you didn’t fact check, before you respond with anger to someone else’s post you disagree with… consider acting with love instead. Just “hide” the posts you don’t want to see. “Unfollow” people who constantly inflame your anger, or unfriend them. If you just can’t help yourself, state your case without being degrading. “Why are we so angry”? Because our ego has convinced us that we know what’s right not only for us, but for everyone. And that – my friends – is simply not how life works. There are as many differing viewpoints as there are people, and it is possible to share our viewpoints and discuss things we disagree upon with always getting angry. We can also “agree to disagree” as well. There are so many cool things we can use Facebook for, and see via our feeds. We can see what bands are playing where, discuss the Super Bowl and the Packers with friends (although sometimes the sports discussions get heated as well), follow the events happening in our friends lives, celebrate births and accomplishments, offer our condolences when people lose pets or family members, catch up with people who we’ve lost touch with, and so much more… but what seems to drive our feeds? Altogether too much anger, judgement and vitriol. Today is Laurie Geschke’s birthday. It’s the Super Bowl. We’re having Family over. I think it’s the first Super Bowl I’ll get to watch with my grandson. We’re often overwhelmed with gratitude for everything we have in our lives. For us, today is about love and Family and laughter and joy. It’s hard to be overwhelmed by gratitude for everything you have in your life if a Facebook meme is going to piss you off. Let it go. Post with love. Not everyone has to always agree with you, and what do you care if they don’t? Have a great day, everyone. And, Go Philly! (sorry, Pats fans – can we agree to disagree?)…


  1. Morning Dave, currently it is a rare rain in Lahaina, Maui and it is dark as jet lag is yet with me. I will forward an appropriate picture in a bit. There is a sort of satisfaction when visiting someplace warm when the worst is occurring back home. Not to relish in your pain, rather to bask in our enhanced blessing. Yesterday was great as we don’t have T.V. in our home, so Lisa and I relaxed and watched the game as was a once upon a time weekly practice of ours during the football season. I too, rooted for Philly. It was a fantastic game.

    I sincerely appreciated your post. Well written and brought light to the strange irony that I refer to as the intolerance of the tolerant. It is often the most devout on any side to be intolerant of dissenting views. Security in a position should lead to confidence, which should lead to peaceful dialogue as there is no threat. But alas, humans will be humans, and so I abstain from face book and much of social media, but thank you for sharing with this “outsider” this morning and increasing my gratefulness for my time in Maui. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, Kevin! Maui stirs my heart. Every time I go there, I step off the plane and I’m a different person. Just love it there. Have a great time, we get to go back in fall. It’s my happy place. Don’t get me wrong, we love WI – but today with the -26 wind chill, well… I’d rather be in Maui 🙂

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