Looking Out My Back Window #327

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Beautiful day out there today. Life is a bit overwhelming right now. Between the business I’m running, the activities around music with a show last night and a new recording project going on, a trip to Maui coming up this week, a dog sitter who was injured and needed to be replaced last minute, and all the ancillary stuff that life can throw at you – it happens. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again. What I’ve found is that when life seems to be overwhelming me I tend to stop doing the things that I totally should be doing at that time. Like – working out, running, yoga, meditation… those are the things that often get dropped when everything around me has my head buzzing thinking I’m always late or forgetting something or just – running life in a hurry. And I run my life in a hurry almost always it seems, but these things come in waves. When I catch myself kinda feeling “out of sorts”, I can almost always look at what’s going on and my own actions that created this mindset. I set my life up to create this stress, then I didn’t eat right, or sleep enough, or do the things I know I could be doing on a daily basis to keep me mentally and physically alert. Which really helps me nail home how important those things are. And vacations. Because this upcoming vacation couldn’t come at a better time. Everything slows down. Perspective gets restored. And if we can’t slow down enough to see what’s really important, how can we lead our best lives? I’ll be meditating today. I’ll be doing some yoga. I’ll be on the couch watching football a good portion of the day as well, which – well, having fun is also cathartic. And I’m always watchful when my stress indicators are on the rise. Number one is being easily annoyed by little things (some people will say I’m always that way I guess). When I catch myself getting a bit too angry about something not that important – that’s a sign. A sign it’s time to slow down and gain some perspective again. What is the life I want to lead? Stressed out and angry? That’s not why we’re here. To spend our days that way. Be aware of your emotions today, and step back a bit if you’re feeling out of sorts. Get that perspective and lead your best life from there.

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