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Changing the photo a bit today. “Change” is one of the things on my mind today, as well as “creating a welcoming environment”. The latter is extremely important to me in my own business, as well as the businesses I like to work with. But it can also relate to families, communities and personal space as well. While I think we’re very good at creating a welcoming environment in my office, I’m not so sure that when people meet me for the first time outside the office that would be one of the traits they’d mention as a first impression. For whatever reason, I think I can come across as stand offish, hard to read. Not everyone gets my sense of humor right away, so I try to be careful there when meeting new people as well. But we pick up on “vibes”, good & bad, all the time. Even events have vibes. We went to a festival yesterday, watched a band for a while, and had to leave at one point to go to a graduation party. As we were leaving the festival, there were a couple awkward moments (very slight, not worth going into in detail), that left me with a bad vibe as we left. When we got to the party, great vibe. Had a fantastic time. Never went back to the festival. For years, when I drank, I think I took pride in being stand offish & intimidating. I had a reputation of maybe being that way. I think I did it for so long that even now, over 29 years since I’ve gotten clean, it’s never really quite gone away. But I can change that. If I want to. If I make it a priority. So often we have things in our life that are just so-so, not so bad we “have” to make a change, we just let them be. And that’s how life can slip through our fingers. How’s your job? “Ok”?… “pays the bills”?… or “I love what I do”. What about your relationships? Finances? Spirituality? We all have infinite choices we can make every second of every day, why are you choosing the life you’re leading now? Because it’s what you fell into? Why not continually examine every aspect, and consider doing things no-one else is doing? Because life is about love. It’s about creating a welcoming atmosphere, and letting love guide your decisions and your days. Personally, within your family and communities, and in your business, we could all use more welcoming atmospheres. When we change ourselves, we change the world.

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