Looking Out My Back Window #65

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Running really late today. Ever have a day like that, where it just seems like there’s so much to do, no time to do it, and everything you thought you’d get done in a certain way by a certain time isn’t even close to happening? At some point you just throw your hands up and say, “It’ll happen when it happens in the order it happens, and the whole damn thing is now out of my control”. Maybe everything is always out of our control. We can plan all we want, but you never know when life will toss you a curve ball. And why are we leading lives where we even have the idea we’re “running late” in the first place? I often think about what is possible if I try to remove my own mental boundaries. I mean – really remove the boundaries, because once we’re in adulthood, we have plenty of them. Why not sell everything, buy a van and just go across the country checking things out? That’s a possibility. Not one many people would entertain, but – your mind has to be open to doing things nobody else would ever consider if you want to lead the life you’re really dreaming of. The only way to know what that life even is, is to dream. To dream of events, and feelings, and possibilities other people won’t even consider. Consider everything. One life to live, why limit yourself? Have you ever seen the chart of “where the magic happens”?… I’ll post it below. Hint: it’s not within the comfort zone…


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