Looking Out My Back Window #68

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I have a lot swirling around in my head today. Our vacation to Maui just blew by. Ten days in what seemed like a second or two. The whole year has been that way. I’ve written about it before – how time moves faster the older you get. And we can miss opportunities while it blows by if we aren’t careful. Each of us has the ability to decide what’s really important in our lives, and live accordingly. Is God important to you?… Family?… Success?… Achievement?… Peace?… Love?… While I spend a lot of time working on trying to be the best person I can be, and doing the things I love, with people I love to be with, I feel like I’m constantly at odds with the very strong part of me (my ego), that wants to succeed at any cost. I love to win. I want to be the best, always, everything I do. And when you have an inner fire like that, a burning drive to succeed, it can blind you to what might really make you happy. For me, this is where meditation and prayer become a necessity. I need to be in touch with my source, with God, with unconditional love, every day. I’m fighting an inner battle with an angry, focused and determined individual. And I need that balance. Because when it comes right down to it – there are no such things as “winners” and “losers” in life. There are those who have found love and those who seek it. We like everything to be black and white. Life is lived in shades of grey. When we are centered, loving, and happy, life flows effortlessly. But we get so caught up in our “first world problems” that we spend altogether too much time frustrated, depressed, and angry… In order to be happy, we need to know where our passions lie. For me, that means stepping back, often, and considering all possibilities. Otherwise, the ruts we dig keep us stuck and before you know it the time you thought you had is gone, and you only get one chance to be happy in the moment. The future is unwritten. The only moment we have is now. Smile. Look within. Live with passion. Your future depends on it.

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