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Different view today with the half completed mound system out there… life sure has it’s ebbs and flows. Earlier this year I’d say we were in flow mode here, everything just sailing along… work was going great, went to Kauai, Mexico and Pennsylvania for some fun vacations, and all was well… then maybe about the time we lost Cosmo the wheels began to come off a little. We found out we needed a mound system (which means tearing up the yard and a fairly large expense), the new regulations have us scrambling at work to learn and keep up with everything that’s really still in a state of flux regarding investments, we got a puppy, the garage now needs a new roof (another fairly large expense), the Twistin’ Egyptians project (new CD release) isn’t moving as fast as we’d like (there’s a lot of work putting together a recording for release as well as some expense), the Steve Trier Band is prepping for shows, I’m in the middle of a major renovation and consolidation of my personal websites, we need to get the mound system covered in grass, we need blacktop repaired where they had to cut through the driveway, I’m trying to actually get my book done and maybe set up a series of speaking events around that project, I take over as VP of my BNI group in October and I’m running a major event at work in the middle of November that needs massive preparation… oh, and trying to declutter a bit around here… finish a few projects… all just off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s plenty I didn’t include… and life feels a little out of control right now. Eventually it’ll all get done. Life will regain some of it’s “normalcy”. It’ll feel totally in sync and awesome… until the next series of ebbs. I think we have two minds inside us – a “fast” mind (the one that’s always talking that you can’t stop) and a “slow” mind (the mind that sits behind the fast mind and watches. The mind that we can get in touch with through prayer and meditation). Times like these, getting in touch with the “slow” mind is essential, because the fast mind loves periods like this, it feeds on it… consumes you with thoughts of what you should be doing, where you need to be, did you forget to do this, contact that, pay this… it really ramps up when life is in flux. Makes it harder to sleep. Ramps up the stress levels. If you’re at all obsessive/compulsive you know the feeling once fast mind gets really going… it can take over. There is an old Zen saying: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”… this is why. The slow mind is our connection to God. The fast mind, once it gets ahold of a turbulent time, will take over if you let it… I have a full day of work ahead today, but this morning I’m off to do some spiritual reading and meditation to remain as calm as possible during the current life hurricane we’re enduring. And we’ll come through it stronger and happier than ever. Because that’s our mindset. Have a great weekend everyone. I’ll be 58 on Monday, and with all those extra expenses feel free to send cold hard cash (always my preferred gift) via Paypal to dave@daveonbass.com 

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