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Why is it that everything in my life seems to be moving at warp speed, and inside there’s a huge part of me that just wants to hang on the couch watching movies, play music with my friends, read books, meditate and chill out that always seems to be the last voice heard? Who’s responsible for this travesty? Me, of course. Having the habit of saying “yes” to any opportunity that comes along, well – doesn’t leave much time to relax. I often think I’d like to start playing music again, you know? On a more regular basis. But, I’d have to go through the work of finding just the right band, playing music I like, doing it well, but not too often, because I also have a full time job, a family, a couple books that I wrote to finish and make available, a double CD release that’s taking forever to get done, four fantasy football leagues, trying to workout regularly and fit that into my schedule… ugh. So, what happens is I’m a little behind on almost everything I have going on. And each one puts pressure on me in some way – yes, it’s great that the office is extremely busy, but when you leave work and there’s ten things you couldn’t get to, it stays in your mind. Or at least my mind. Which is why I often work Saturdays, I gotta get some of that stuff handled or it’ll drive me nuts. And, if you already live in Detroit you don’t need to take a bus to get there. But I digress… so, while I’m working every night and every Saturday, which I’m trying not to do – and I was able to back off for a while there – that only leaves so much time for everything else. Like making sure the CD gets done, the books get edited and the graphics are done for both the CD and the books. Like trying to get to the grandkids events, or even find a time to have them stay with us. Like doing things I like to do – play music, read, meditate, or God forbid – get to a yoga class. And, I have “stuff” everywhere. Clothes, instruments, boxes full of things I haven’t looked at in years, paperwork… lots and lots of stuff. I really want to start looking through the stuff and getting rid of things, maybe organizing what I can. Or reorganizing. But, when? There’s a post going around Facebook right now that says something like: Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority,” and see how that feels. Because that’s what it boils down to. What is a priority? Left unchecked, my priorities seem to always skew towards getting things done. Nothing wrong with that unless it comes at the expense of loving the present moment. When I was walking Gizmo yesterday, I saw a leaf fall off a tree onto the trail. I walked the same trail the week before with my grandkids. They had fun the whole way laughing and playing, picking up sticks, and trying to catch the falling leaves. I also saw our destination ahead. And it hit me. It really hit me… I’m so focused on getting to the end, on winning, on hitting the goal, that sometimes I forget how important it is to catch the leaves. Man. I have to change that. Priority one: make every moment count. And, for me, that’s whatever makes me smile, makes me happy, and brings love to my heart. Catch some leaves today. It’s really fun, and while you’re in that moment, nothing else matters. Maybe we can all use more of that.

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