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Nice view of a mountain of dirt these days. Which is still a nice view, just different. Eventually there will be grass there. Probably would have rather just left things as they were. But we knew for a long time our septic would need to be replaced, and we waited as long as possible before actually pulling the trigger. So now we’re in that “limbo” period where the job is mostly done, but there’s several small things yet to finish and you just want it over, but it’s gonna take time. Grass won’t grow there overnight. Most people (myself included) resist change. Almost always easier to go with a routine, what you know, than to make a change – because when you change something you go though this “limbo” period where everything seems out of sync and you’re wondering if you made the right decision and thinking maybe you should have just stuck with the old way a little longer… we tend to hate the “limbo” period, it’s very unsettling. It’s also the path to growth. What’s one thing you’ve thought about changing, or could do to shake up your routine that might be good for you long term? “Well, I’ve always wanted to…” or “Every day, I do… and from now on I’m going to try…” I was writing my morning pages today (something I do every day – write three pages – read “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron for more on this) and I thought about lunch. Pretty much every weekday for the last ten years I’ve eaten lunch at my desk, the same lunch. Every day. I like it, I know it, it allows me to not really take a break and just work right through… I usually turn down invitations to go to lunch in favor of doing what I always do. Even on the weekends, at home, where I could eat whatever I want – I’ll make the same thing. So – I’m going to try to have lunch once a week with someone I either want to get to know better or feel I’d like to have a conversation with but never have the time for. It’s a small thing, but I’m going to try not to duplicate anyone. That would be 52 lunches in a year. 52 conversations. 52 new opportunities to connect that I’ve been ignoring for the past ten years. Matt Emmer, we’re on for this week. Fred EvrardJulie MareeSue DaBaco you’re in the on deck circle. As are pretty much everyone reading this. You want lunch on me? Let’s get together. That feels pretty uncomfortable to post, I’m not gonna lie. My “routine” mind is just freaking out with all the reasons I should just have lunch at my desk. So, I’m not gonna listen to my routine mind right now. Find your rut today and break out of it. You’ll never know what’s on the other side until you do. And, as always, let’s try to find ways to love each other, to connect, to be civil and help each other. We need more of that 🙂

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