Looking Out My Back Window #82

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By now most of you know that my book Feed Your Angel was released last week. As long as I can remember, I’ve thought about writing my own book. I remember thinking about it when I was a little kid. I’d get these ideas for stories, but – I was a kid, I never followed through. Don’t know too many people writing books at seven years old, but I was already thinking about it. The specific idea to write a book called Feed Your Angel came to me in 2010 or 2011… at any rate, I think it was 2011 that I started to get “serious” about it, and actually write a few things. By 2014 I went to a writer’s workshop, and I had printed 70 copies of a “preview” edition of what I thought the book would be. Then I decided to scrap everything from that edition and start over again. So, in April 2018 I decided to just go to Florida, take three weeks, write the book, and publish whatever came out. This month the book was finally released after being edited, formatted, and designed. It was written seven years after I first started working on it. I’m 59 years old, I’ve thought about writing a book my entire life, and I just now got it done. Next month my second book (already written) will be released, and I plan on releasing two books a year from now on. Sometimes all we need is to push ourselves, set a reasonable goal, and move forward in the direction of our dreams. Because I have now achieved a lifelong dream, I can look at other things I’ve always wanted to do – play piano, run a marathon, record a jazz fusion album – and know within my heart I can make it happen. It just needs to become a priority. How many dreams die within us because we don’t take the time to put them at the forefront of our lives? Too many. This April, I head back to Florida to write my 3rd book, tentatively titled “Everybody Dies – A Manual for Life”. Because none of us will get out alive, so we better make sure we’re living based on priorities we set for ourselves, our families, and our happiness. Find a lost dream today, and make it a reality. I can tell you, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing. Thanks again to everyone who has supported me throughout the entire time I’ve been discussing and working on Feed Your Angel, especially those of you who bought the book, read it and sent me positive feedback. Lifelong dream: fulfilled.

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