Looking Out My Back Window #84

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Hey everyone. Thanks to all of you who continually read the weekly “Looking Out My Back Window” posts, it’s greatly appreciated. I’m in the middle of editing the first year of blog posts that will be issued in book form later this month. It’s really interesting to see the progression over that first year. I can’t wait to release it. In the meantime, seemingly everything that’s coming my way these days has something to do with decluttering and minimalizing. I think there’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple. I also think I have a natural tendency to hoard and make things more complicated than they need to be, as well as take on more than I probably should as well. I read two great blogs this morning, one was all about being ok living a “mediocre” life, the other discussed the idea to stop comparing our lives to other people, and start living our lives just trying to be the best person we can be. In reality, both blogs have something to do with comparing ourselves to others. How would you know you’re leading a “mediocre” life without comparing it to someone who has achieved more than you? And, really – what would a “mediocre” life look like? If we know who we are, we know what and who we love, and we live our lives with people we love doing the best we can with the abilities we’re given – is that mediocre? It might be if we compare ourselves to people who have achieved more than us, but maybe – as the author says – we can “accept that all I really want is a slow, simple life”, and let that be enough. Less strife, more life. As for the blog on comparison, one of the things he wrote that really resonated with me was: “Comparing yourself to others will always cause you to regret what you aren’t, rather than allow you to enjoy who you are”. This can be a tough thing for those of you who are as competitive as I am. Always comparing, checking out where everyone else is at, trying to be number one. What if none of it matters, and we just focused on being the best people we could be instead? What if we just focused on how to know, spread and live from a place of joy, happiness and love, and brought that to every moment of our lives? We’d all win. If it means winning by being mediocre, I’m ok with that. We have so little time. Moments spent doing things we love, seeing people we love, spreading joy to others… and feeling it within ourselves – that’s winning. No mediocrity, no comparison. Find the love. Live from there. Everyone wins.

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