ARTIST: Amy Jo Doty
TITLE: Murry Tracks
FORMAT: CD Only (Free download songs only HERE)
RECORDED AT: Dave’s Place by David Geschke
PRODUCER: Amy Jo Doty and David Geschke
ENGINEER: David Geschke & Amrita Sandhu
RECORD CO: Independent Release JC-012005

David Geschke: Bass Guitar, scream in the tree song, hand claps, whistling, yelling at everyone to shut up, scaring the kids
Jason Busse: Lead Guitar, being nutty, being FRED the fisherman
Amy Jo Doty: DVocals, Percussion, Harmonica, Whistling, Clapping
DJ Doty: Rhythm Guitar, being cute, hand claps, faith, love, hope
Richie Plath: Vocals, sneezing, being a tree, acting silly
Glen Schroeder: Drums, counting to three, being Irish
Tina Anderson: as Tina the janitor
Elizabeth DeWitt: Chatting with Amy, making us laugh
Billy Friday: as Joey the lumberjack and drum fills on “Do the animals go to heaven”
Ryan Schiedermacher: Drums with the awesome snare (Streetlife)
Cassandra Abbott, Alayna Goebel, Brianna Goebel, Mason Slavic, Dina Slavic, Kathy Menard: Kids singing, screaming, yelling, clapping, snoring, laughing at Dave

SONGS (all written and arranged by Amy Jo Doty)
Let’s Eat!
Amy & Elizabeth Chatting
I Love You
Brush Your Teeth
To Be A Tree
Jesus Loves Me
Q@A, Amy & Elizabeth
Work, Work, Work
Jesus Is My Brother
How To Get To Heaven
Do the Animals go to Heaven?
Me & Mickey

“Murry Tracks” is a Christian children’s CD written by vocalist Amy Doty. All the current (2005) members of Road Trip played on the CD and it was the first recording done at my new recording studio Dave’s Place. We were supposed to have help recording the basic tracks from someone familiar with the new recording equipment I had just purchased, but he blew us off and we were left to figure things out on our own. This made Amrita the “engineer of the day” as she was the only person available to push buttons while the rest of us were busy playing. We had a BLAST recording this CD, though! And thankfully it went to the Noise Chamber and Jimmy Johnson finished the mixing and mastering there. This is a pretty rockin’ kids CD.