ARTIST: Buzz Meade
TITLE: Reflect The Light
FORMAT: CD Only – CLICK HERE to purchase from Amazon
RECORDED AT: The Exchange – Milwaukee, WI & Buzz’s Room
PRODUCER: Buzz Meade
ENGINEERS: Kevin Arndt & Buzz Meade
RECORD CO: Independent Release BM6814

David Geschke: Bass
Buzz Meade: Guitar & Vocals
John Calarco: Drums
Carl Rozas: Violin
Mark Krutke: Pedal Steel
Marc Meade: Piano
Tommy Greywolf: Violin (#3, #7)
Theo Merriweather: B3 Organ
Bob Jennings: Accordian
Regis White: Bass (#7)

SONGS (all written by BUZZ MEADE except “Love Child”)
She’s A Mystery
God Only Knows
Still In Love
Love Child
Las Vegas
Out In The Cold
Torn In Two
Father’s Son
Say Goodbye (Demo)
She’s Gone (Demo)
Love Affair (Demo)

Great songwriting & production. Some of my favorite bass lines I’ve ever recorded! My bass was recorded in Buzz’s room using a Lakland Jerry Scheff Skyline 5 string bass into an Ampeg SVT Classic head & 8×10 bottom and a Sadowsky outboard preamp. We set up an SM57 and miced the cab. Awesome!