BAND: The Housebreakers
TITLE: Topsoil 1993 (Wisconsin band compilation)
RECORDED AT: Garage In The Sky Studios – Oshkosh, WI
PRODUCER: The Housebreakers
ENGINEER: Jeff Verner
RECORD CO: Topsoil Records TSR-001

David Geschke: Bass
Kurt Calder: Guitar
Andy Cox: Drums
Jim Reichenberger: Guitar, Vocals
Brenda Theabo: Trombone

SONG (written by Jim Reichenberger)
Parting Shot (You can listen to and download this track here: https://soundcloud.com/david-geschke/housebreakers-parting-shot)

The Topsoil compilation albums were a lot of fun, every band seemed to get a song on at least one of them while they were being produced. The song The Housebreakers put on “Parting Shot” turned out very well. The groove Andy and I got is really cool, and what about having a trombone in a rock band? It’s worth checking out any of these Topsoil compilation CD’s if you can find them.