BAND: The Housebreakers
TITLE: Wall Of Song
FORMAT: Cassette Only (Free digital download HERE)
RECORDED AT: Madison Street Studios – Waupun, WI
PRODUCER: The Housebreakers
ENGINEER: Nick Kuzulka
RECORD CO: Independent Release

David Geschke: Bass
Kurt Calder: Guitar
Andy Cox: Drums
Jim Reichenberger: Guitar, Vocals (listed on cassette as “James Richard”)

SONGS (all written by Jim Reichenberger)
House Of Tears
Monster Beneath The Bed
I Love The Moon
God Help Me
The Goodbye Bouquet
Love Heroes
Another Song She’ll Never Hear
Hanging By Umbrella
Well Enough Alone
Baby, You’re A Housebreaker Now
Wall Of Song

This was a fun recording to do. It actually contains some of the best bass playing I’ve had captured on record, Jim’s stuff was more free than the Twistin’ E’s, which was mostly groove rock playing. This band never went over very well live, though. We didn’t do any covers, some of us were involved with more than one band at the time and we wound up playing a few live shows and putting out 2 tapes. This tape was used for pre-production of the other one, but we released it in a limited quantity as well.