MARCH 2001

BAND: Road Trip
TITLE: Please Disturb
FORMAT: CD Only – CLICK HERE to purchase from Amazon
RECORDED AT: The Noise Chamber – Rockford, IL
PRODUCER: Jimmy Johnson
CD ARTWORK: Amy Johnson
RECORD CO: Independent Release RT-042001

David Geschke: Bass
Matthew Emmer: Guitar
Daniel J. Doty: Guitar
Amy Jo Johnson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on “Tuey”
Rich Plath: Vocals
Billy Friday: Drums

Eric Michaels: B3 Organ (American English)
Jimmy Johnson: Percussion

SONGS (songwriter in parenthesis)
Two Days (Johnson)
Bite Down The Weather (Road Trip)
Carried Away (Plath)
See Me (Johnson)
Turn Your Back (Road Trip)
Icarus (Plath)
Dog (Johnson)
Mean What I Say (Road Trip)
Piece Of Hell (Plath)
Roxanne (Road Trip)
Murry (Johnson)
Tuey (Johnson)

The addition of a top-notch producer (Jimmy has worked with Cheap Trick and The Pimps) and a recording studio with Pro Tools technology (The Noise Chamber) help make this one of the best ROAD TRIP discs ever! The songwriting was helped a lot by using a producer as well. I used a Roscoe Beck bass through an Ampeg SVT-Classic head/8×10 bottom combination on everything except “Turn Your Back” – I used a six string Modulus bass for that track. We miked the amp and sent a direct line to the board. It’s one of the best bass tones I’ve ever had on record, and the bass is pretty strong in the final mixes as well! Gotta love that!