BAND: Twistin’ Egyptians
TITLE: Perils Of Young Models
FORMAT: Cassette Only (also included on COMPLETE CD compilation from 2019)
RECORDED AT: Breezeway Studios – Waukesha, WI
PRODUCER: Twistin’ Egyptians
ENGINEERS: Paul Wehrley, Lee Crooks, Mike Hoffmann
EX. PRODUCER: Bruce Lathrop
RECORD CO: Independent Release

David Geschke: Bass, Background Vocals (listed on cassette as “Dave DuMonte”)
Kurt Calder: Guitar, Background Vocals
Brad Hoffman: Drums
Stephen Trier: Lead and Background Vocals, Guitar

SONGS (all written by Stephen Trier)
Perils Of Young Models
I Can Paint Just Like Vincent Van Gogh
Staring At A Face
Femme Fatalities
Too Stay Confused
It’s Been So Long
Like A Setting Sun
Your Love’s Just Like Ice
Law Of The Land

This tape was begun while the band was still 3-piece and Kurt Calder recorded his parts later, then joined the band. It was the first time in a studio for most of us, and we tried to produce it ourselves. Had we waited until Kurt had joined the band and played with us for a while, then recorded with a REAL producer this project would have turned out much better. Nothing the Twistin’ Egyptians recorded for release captured the essence of their live performances for sound and/or energy. This was a great live band, too bad that the “Perils” tape became the only full-length cassette available to the public. Great songwriting by Steve Trier!