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Today the cords on the blinds make it look like a four string bass guitar to me. So there. It’s raining. I’m in the midst of 3 million things. I think I’m always in the midst of 3 million things. Does anybody remember record players? The old ones with 4 speeds? 16 – 33 – 45 & 78rpm? Not sure I ever saw anything that ever used the “16” setting, but you could play the other records at that speed to slow things down & vice versa. Sometimes I’d play my 33rpm records at 78 speed. Vroom! It was like the Chipmunks records, but not just the voices were sped up, the whole thing was. Utter pandemonium. I think life is kinda like that. We have a speed we were inherently born with. Some of us are 16rpm, some are 78. But we also have a choice what speed we want to play at as well. Just because you’re born with 16rpm as you’re recommended speed doesn’t mean you can’t play life at 78. You get to choose. But when life pushes us to move faster and faster we fall out of the space where we were meant to be – our comfort zone. Sometimes it’s a great thing to push out of our comfort zone. But if we’re running everything at a speed we’re not comfortable with, it all suffers. Try listening to a 33rpm record at 78 speed. It’s fun! For about a half a minute, then you gotta change it. Maybe try slowing it to 16rpm just for the balance. I’m pretty sure I was built with a default 78 speed, but I can tell you whatever I’m playing the game of life on can and often does run faster than that. And every time it does, I know I will need to back off to get myself centered again at some point. You can’t touch the hearts of other people if you’re not in touch with your own heart first, and that comes from relaxing into the speed of life you were meant to live. Find that groove today, and live from there.

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