Looking Out My Back Window #184

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Yes, we still have our tree up. Groundhog Day is the official removal date. And today, I don’t have anything on mind like I usually do. When I sit to write the weekly post I very seldom have anything preplanned to write about, I just let it be whatever comes to me on that day at that time. But usually, there’s a million thoughts going all over the place a bazillion miles an hour and one of them just somehow gets latched onto and that’s the post for the day. Not the case today. Today my mind is calmer than usual. Doesn’t mean there is any less pressure on me today, or things to do, or anything like that – just that today I have a greater sense of peace about everything than I usually do. It’s a great place to be. At peace. With everything going on in our lives, our families, our communities, the country and the world – we do have the ability to be at peace throughout it all. Doesn’t mean we aren’t concerned, that we don’t care, or anything like that. But our egos would have us in a frenzy always about almost everything all the time. I’m usually way too caught up in that – in the voice that talks to us every moment of every day. The voice that worries about everything. That remembers every stupid thing we’ve ever done and constantly reminds us of the times we were mean, or did or said something we feel guilty or embarrassed about. The voice that clings to everything earthly. There will never be peace there. Peace is further within. Who we are is not that voice. If you try, you can sit back and watch the thoughts as they come and go. How would that be possible if you were the thoughts? It isn’t. So, you are not your thoughts – but with practice you can learn to control your thoughts. To focus on things, and to change your mindset from one that brings you fear, anxiety and despair to thoughts of love, peace and gratitude. It’s a lifelong process, and certainly some days will be better than others. I’ve known for a few weeks now, my ego (the voice inside our heads) has been getting a bit too strong for me. It shows up in anxiety, in having trouble sleeping (the mind won’t turn off), in never being in the present moment, and being easily irritated. Last night I slept sounder and better than I have in probably a month or so. And today I’m feeling way more at peace than I have in a long time. Sleep is good for the soul. This is also why vacations are important – a great way to reset and recharge our batteries, release our minds from the ego. Remember vacations? It’s what people did before the virus… at any rate, the mental peace feels really good today. Maybe I’ll go plan a vacation or two to keep the ball rolling. Need to get less of the voice inside my head, and more of the voice inside my heart. Maybe we all do. Very grateful for today’s peace, and for the ability to live life on this planet while working on making myself a better person and helping everyone around me do the same. Be kind today. Start with yourself 🙂


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