Looking Out My Back Window #286

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Yesterday I was thinking about how fragile life can be, how everything can change in an instant, you know… brought to our attention on a national level this past week with the Damar Hamlin situation. And I started thinking back to all the stupid things I’ve done in my life (and there are plenty to look back on). All the bad decisions, all the things I now regret doing or saying. I think we all have times like these, where we beat ourselves up for past mistakes. But really, isn’t that how we grow? I don’t really dwell much on that stuff at all, but I try to look at what I learned from it instead. And that got me thinking about how my focus has changed over the years. When I was younger, I often had to reach out for help. I had to borrow money, sometimes I just needed a shoulder to lean on when I really was questioning my will to live during the years I was using alcohol and drugs, then later on I needed help and support when I made the decision to get sober… and in each case, there were people there for me. People who really really helped me out. In some cases changed my life entirely. And, in my mind, with where I’m at today, I owe it to the Universe to pay that back. So when someone comes to me for help, I do what I can to help them. When my wife and I are made aware of an issue we feel we can make a difference on and feel strongly about, we help. Always. Generosity is an innate part of who we are. And the older I get, the more I see how important it is to be kind to people and to help out whenever possible. Maybe even just surprise people by doing something kind for no reason other than that. We knew it was something they wanted, or needed, or would like, so we made it happen. Kindness doesn’t need a reason. One other thing we tend to learn as we age is to not care so much about what other people will think. Not to let “how it will look to others” influence our decisions. Because you need to know and be true to only one person – yourself. If you follow a career path because someone else pushed you that way, or don’t do the things that your heart is pulling you to do because it wouldn’t be viewed as “normal” behavior for someone in your age group, or profession, or anything else… you’re not really living your own life then, are you? Personally, I’m helping everyone I can every way I can. I’m grateful for every second I have. I’m grateful that I got help when I needed it. A generous, loving heart is important to me. And so is following my own path. People can wonder and question all they want about what I’m doing, or buying, or wearing… and I’m just following my own heart no matter how it looks from the outside. I think the older I get, the crazier I might get with that – really start stepping outside the box – and I’m quite OK with that. Explore everything life has to offer with an open and generous heart. Be the best you you can be, because nobody else can do it. Nobody. You are a unique and special being, so why try to fit in? You determine your path. Follow your heart wherever it leads.

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