Looking Out My Back Window #320

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Labor Day weekend. Day off on Monday is always a great thing if you get it. But, it also signals the end of summer to me as well. We really get only a handful of summers in our lifetime. If you live to be eighty, you get eighty of them… kinda… I mean, do you remember the first five summers of your life? When I think of summers I go back to very vague memories, but I think I was probably at least five years old in anything I remember. And – unfortunately – for some people… quite a few people, actually – there might be some summers near the end of their life that they can’t physically and/or mentally really take advantage of, either. The speed of life tends to accelerate as you get older, too. Seems like January 1st was yesterday and now it’s September. Wow. The last two summers blew by. I love summer. I think it’s my favorite time of the year. So, as we say goodbye to summer and hello to a day off tomorrow… I’m thinking about how our lives change in similar ways as the seasons. I’ve been many different people in my lifetime – a baby, an adolescent, a teenager, a drug addict, a bass player, a vacuum cleaner salesman, a husband, a Realtor, a financial advisor… etc, etc, etc… and for each one they’ve had their time and place in my life. One season often blurs into another – for a while there will be several running concurrently. But life, like the seasons is always changing. There will be highs, there will be lows. There will be times when it seems like the sun is always out, everything always works in amazing ways, and you’re overwhelmed with gratitude for life itself and what you have. And there will be times when grief will overcome you. Where you’ll question everything. It’s a roller coaster ride, and the car is going to take you wherever the track leads. So strap in and enjoy the ride, especially when life is giving you the best of days. You only know they’re the best of days because you’ve known and seen the opposite at some point. Everything is always changing. You create your own response. Hit everything you can with all the love you have. No matter what the season, your soul can stay in summer mode if you make it a priority and work at it. And, hey – this weekend you get an extra day off, right? What a blessing.