Looking Out My Back Window #337

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I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how everything we do affects everyone else on earth in some way. It might be infinitesimal – but until we start to really internalize the importance of this, we’ll continue to to have wars and hatred and violence and anger and live on the brink of destruction from within. Here’s what led me to this conclusion… we can disagree on how COVID actually began, but it’s generally accepted that the first infected person came from the Wuhan district of China. Whether or not it was from eating a bat, or from a lab leak, at some point there was one affected human. That human gave it to a few others, who transmuted it to a few more people, and from there the law of compound returns started to take effect until everyone in the world has now basically been exposed to it at some point. Do you think a virus is the only thing that gets shared in this manner? Everything we do affects everyone else in the same way. If we’re having a bad day and we yell at a family member or coworker, that person takes that anger into their day and it spills into their lives, then it’s shared and shared and shared until it reaches everyone. Not in any way that’s noticeable at all, but – we are living a shared experience. Not just within our families, or our communities – but with everyone else in the world. So, when war erupts and there is bombing and death and hatred and finger pointing – we are affected by it, whether we know it or feel it at all. And when we are overcome with love and joy and gratitude and wonder – also shared. Yet, to this day we seem to find more ways to hate than to love. We judge and critique and fail to really know or understand that unconditional love means a love without boundaries, without comparison, without judgement. What if everyone decided to live from there? Would we have a different world than we do now? We get so caught up and irritated by things that are really meaningless when looked at in the overall scheme of life. Because life can be beautiful, always. If we see it that way. It can be horrible, and not worth living as well, which is altogether too common of a viewpoint as well. And while the entire Universe resides totally inside our own heads for each of us… what we do affects everyone. So, as we approach a new year – let’s do the right thing, whenever possible. Let’s forgive people instead of holding onto anger and resentment. Let’s at least try to understand why it is that the people who push your buttons are in your life, and maybe find a way to change our perspectives on that relationship, or ourselves, so that we can move forward without always being on edge. Because everything we perceive is our own unique viewpoint. And if we perceive everything as a threat, we’ll never be open to resolution. There’s a lot of anger and hatred in the world. There’s also a lot of love as well. The more we align with love, the more love we’ll see. Because everything we do affects everyone. I wish you all a fantastic new year. Let’s change the world by changing ourselves, as much as possible, and striving for more love and joy and kindness every day.