Looking Out My Back Window #46

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Mother’s day. My mom passed a few years ago. She was 97. I was with her. I was the only one with her when she passed. I watched her last breath. The last words I said to her were “Mom, it’s your son David. I’m here. I love you”… it was peaceful, her breaths were slowing until they finally stopped and her life on earth ended. My father had already passed many years prior, so losing that second parent makes you realize there’s no mom or dad to go to anymore. I wish I knew more about their lives. From them. I can fill in from my sisters here and there as much as they know, but it’s not the same as getting the stories from the people themselves. I find it interesting that we get traits from our parents. How is that possible? Part of the mind/body connection I guess. Mom was extremely intelligent, strong willed, really a lot of odd quirks that I totally have, good with numbers – dad was a musician, hard working… dad’s been gone so long now I have a hard time remembering what he was like any more. He passed in 1981. We had a good relationship, totally loved him, shocked when he died (got a call one night that he had a heart attack and passed, no real indication beforehand of any problems at all). And now it’s been a few years since mom left us, and I can’t remember what she was like very well, either – at least the “young” mom I knew before her last twelve years in nursing homes (mom got sick in the ecoli outbreak in Milwaukee from Sizzler in the 90s, lived through it, but was in a nursing home from then on). I do believe it was my mom who always told me “don’t ever get old”. Death is part of the contract we get when we sign up for life. It will come for all of us. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. But, internally, we decide who we want to be. Too often people let their mind age faster than their body. To me, what mom was saying when she said “don’t ever get old” was “keep your mind young”. Daniel Jason Doty once told me “you’re the youngest old guy I know” – I love that. Totally stuck with me ever since. I hope to be the youngest old guy everyone knows by keeping my body in shape as much as possible and my mind young. Living every moment with passion. The stepkids and grandkids are coming over today. The day will come when we won’t be here anymore. Those will be tough days for them. Losing mom, pops, grama and grampa. We still have time, though. How much time? No one knows. But while we’re here, Laurie Geschke is all about family. You want to learn what a down to earth, loving and giving person lives like, you watch her. Unconditional love for those kids. And I hope they glean some form of what living life with passion and integrity is like from watching me. Give 100% to everything you do, or don’t do it at all. Love, honesty, passion… I know the kids are watching. And what we pass to them will go forward to the next generation. If your parents are still alive, and you’re able to celebrate with them today, know your time is limited and use it to your advantage. Ask them about when they were young, what was school like? What did they like to do? What was the other parent like when they were young? How did they meet? And, for God’s sake – hug your mom and tell her you love her today if you can. And don’t ever get old

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