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Looking out my back window in New Jersey today. First time we ever visited the state. We stayed with friends. Friends we had never met face to face until this trip, and when we realized Pennsylvania wasn’t that far from New Jersey we made the arrangements to get together. But we had no idea what it would be like once we met in person. And it was fantastic. We had such a good time. Just great, fun, intelligent people with an awesome sense of humor and warm, loving hearts. Then I realized that three of the four people we got together with on this vacation we had never met until we started going to Pennsylvania annually three years ago. And, for the last two years now, we used Airbnb and wound up becoming friends with the owners of the rental units as well. This Jersey Shore area is incredible. I’m so glad we decided to do this. There was a certain amount of trepidation we had to get over, but in the end we just followed our hearts. Nothing beats meeting people face to face. That’s where emotional connections are formed. That’s how love is shared. That’s how we can see through the bullshit, too. A while back I had the idea I was going to try to meet someone new once a week for lunch and get to know them better. I still love that idea. Pick a Facebook friend, or a casual acquaintance, have lunch and find out their backstory, their views, look into their eyes, see what they’re made of. Make a new friend. Move the relationship meter. Just think if we all did that we’d make 52 new friends a year. Maybe we wouldn’t be so quick to respond in anger and shoot each other down all the time. When you let yourself be guided by love, and make decisions from that part of yourself, everything will flow just right. That’s what happened on our vacation. We met good friends, we made more friends, we saw places we’d never been, we had a great time. Make plans to see someone face to face today. Someone you want to get to know better, or have lost touch with. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted it when I’ve done it. Live with love in your heart. God is calm. Love is open. Let me know if you’d like to have lunch. I’ll buy, but you have to come to me 


    • I did it for a few weeks, then I had a last minute cancellation one week and I just fell out of it after that. The ones I did went great, though…

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