Looking Out My Back Window #100

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Beautiful day today. I’m loving this four day weekend off. So much to do around here. Nice to have a little time to get to a fraction of it. Today I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head all week that I think has to be today’s topic. The idea is this – what if we could move into another person’s body and mind for a while? Like, we could just go visit them inside their bodies and be there to watch how their mind works, to feel how they feel, and get an idea of what it’s like to be them? Really, all of us only know our own reality. So, when someone tells us they slammed their finger in a car door, or stubbed their toe, or had an operation, or whatever painful thing it is – there’s people who will complain for weeks about it, and others who would just blow it off. The same pain level could be handled differently by different mindsets. How does the mind of a chronically depressed person really work? What about a fully enlightened being? What would it actually feel like to be in fantastic physical shape, or grossly obese? We could find out if we could just get in there and visit. We can’t visit, though. At least not yet. It would be somewhat akin to the Vulcan mind meld. Let’s just say the Vulcan mind meld became a reality. We could touch each other and become a single entity for a while. Would this be a good thing? Another topic that came up this week was whether or not anything is inherently good or bad. I think most things are either good or bad by whatever our belief is about them, but I do believe I’m in the minority here – that most people think there are things that are inherently good or bad. The Vulcan mind meld (IMO) would be an incredibly scary tool to use. To actually see and feel the thoughts and physical feelings of another person? Wow. There would be people who would find bad ways to use that. In the meantime, though – the idea came to me because so much of our human interactions are ego to ego. It’s our own beliefs about who we are, and who you are vs. your beliefs in reverse. People’s beliefs, attitudes and the way they acted around me were different when I was a bass player in a rock band than they are vs. me as a financial advisor, for instance. We so seldom meet each other soul to soul. Are you familiar with the “four minute experiment”: https://youtu.be/f7XhrXUoD6U?  It’s pretty simple. Two people sit in silence and just look at each other for four minutes. I have yet to try it. I think it would be extremely powerful – click the link to show how it worked for other people. It’s as close to a Vulcan mind meld as we have right now. Our eyes really are windows to our souls. It’s why I greatly prefer meeting people face to face. If this was a prerequisite to meeting people, we had to look at them in silence for four minutes without speaking first, we might not be so quick to judge and demean. Watch the video, maybe try it. Let me know what you think. This is the 100th blog in the series, thanks to everyone who has read, commented and bought the books since I started. I can’t believe I’m closing in on two years of weekly material. It’s those of you who have given me positive feedback that have really helped keep me going. I greatly appreciate it 🙂

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