Looking Out My Back Window #120

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This view will be changing soon, we’re getting a new window. This might have been the best window ever built when it was installed, I don’t really know – it was here when we bought the house. I love this window, but we’re doing a major remodeling and it has a few issues now and it’s time to move on. Everything changes. This is probably an original window from when the house was built in 1975. I’m way different now than I was in 1975. Quite a few of you reading this weren’t even born in 1975. This window has seen snow, rain, sunshine, tornados, light, dark, and it’s been the biggest window in the house for it’s entire lifetime. And now it’ll be unceremoniously torn out and replaced with a newer model for the future. And this is how life works. Nothing is static. We change daily. At some point we die. As much as people like to think they know what happens after that, nobody really knows what happens after that. But we can do things to make sure we use our present moments in a way that creates a happier, healthier future. If we don’t direct the changes, we can fall into routines that do not serve us. One of the things I’ve been doing lately – and I’ve done this for years, but I’m trying to be more regular about it – is to use affirmations. I’ve seen, heard and read a lot about using them in the past. I’ve been pretty good about using “I am” affirmations for years now. Affirmations work because if you can get one stuck in your head by constant repetition – say “I am healthy”, for example – eventually it will become your reality. That is one of the affirmations I’m currently using. I’ve been starting meditations lately with this mantra: “I am happy. I am healthy. I am thin. I am a runner.” Repeat, repeat, repeat… yesterday I saw results on at least two occasions. Came in the house mid-afternoon for a snack – whole bucket of cookies on the counter. Molasses cookies. I love molasses cookies. On my way to the bucket, internally I immediately thought “I am healthy” so I went to the refrigerator and got grapes instead (I happen to also love grapes). When I was walking Gizmo earlier in the day, he started running, and immediately “I am a runner” popped into my head. He is a much better runner than I am, but the thought stayed with me and allowed me to run farther and faster than I would have without it. Such a simple thing. Affirm what you want to be. See it before becoming it. I also had an interaction that started to get pseudo hostile yesterday as well – and “I am happy” popped into my head. I’m not angry, I am happy. He was angry, I can’t control him. I don’t need to take that on at all. We are all changing. We will all die. Before your time runs out, how do you want to live? Live that way. See yourself living that way. Or the unwritten future will be full of regrets and if-only’s. Your future deserves better than that.

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