Looking Out My Back Window #15

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Laurie’s car out there this morning, she’s out of town. Another beautiful day. I talked last week about how the things we put off to do “someday” are so often overlooked because “someday” never comes. So… how do we take “someday” away?… we do it with “the power of will”. No, not willpower, that’s a totally different thing (Webster’s defines willpower as: the ability to control yourself). What I’m talking about here is “the power of will”. Stop talking and thinking about what you want to do in terms of “someday” and instead, change the language to “I will”, then add a deadline to it. Your brain files things set aside for “someday” way in the back, unimportant, too many things to do right now to ever think about getting to them… once you change the language your “somedays” move into the forefront. For example: I have thought about doing a four part series of talks for years now, it’s been one of my “somedays”. Someday I’m gonna do that. Last session with my life coach (Alisha M. Wielfaert), she had me set a deadline. “I will” do a four part speaker series in January 2018. And since then it’s nonstop: where will I do this, how will the room be set up, how long will I talk, will there be a discussion period, etc – and it will finally get done. I plan on doing it on four Tuesdays in January. Then I took a few more “someday” goals and added deadlines (reasonable deadlines) and wrote them down: “I will” statements and “by” dates. I expect to reach all the goals I set because it has totally changed my interior dialogue regarding those goals for me. Take your “somedays” away with the power of will. And, if you take a “someday” goal and try making it an “I will” goal with a deadline and it does anything but make you excited to get started, maybe it’s not something you really want for yourself anyway. Because when I changed the dialogue on mine, I couldn’t wait to get going. I hope this works for you the way it did for me, and I hope to see you all when I run the speaker series in January. Another “I will” for me is to finish my book (and have it published) by 12/31/18. The song in my head today is “Mind Games”. So I’ll leave you today with some lyrics from the song: “Love is a flower… You gotta let it, you gotta let it grow”. Someday is today. Use the power of will. Next week I’ll be writing from Mexico. Until then, I thank you all for reading and commenting. Love to hear when something I’ve written resonates with you 

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