Looking Out My Back Window #151

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There is a place inside us where all is calm. Everything around us can be filled with upset – tension, anxiety, and distress – and back behind it all is a peace we can all access any time we want to. It seems like altogether too often we forget about that. Do you really think the reason we’re here at all is to live anxiety filled lives full of tension and upset, then die early because of all the stress we filled our minds and bodies with? We have a choice. We have intuition. We can be guided by the voice we can’t shut off – that voice that narrates our lives, that might be telling you right now this is too long a post to read, move on to the next thing, no time for this, got things to do, hurry up, hurry up, tomorrow’s a work day, blah blah blah – you know the voice. The narrator. Gets excited easily. Worries a lot. Always in the past or in the future (“I wish I hadn’t said that, I wonder what she thinks, she probably hates me now, should I call her? I shouldn’t call her, I’ll just make things worse… but if I don’t call her I’ll never know”, etc – or “tomorrow will be a terrible day at work, the whole week is set up to be awful with everything I have to take care of, I wish I could just walk away from it all, that new guy really bugs me, this is my last day of freedom before I’m back at it tomorrow, ugh – I wish things were like they used to be”, etc)… we all get caught up in hyperactivity with the narrator. But… we don’t have to. When we feel it coming on, or something happens and our lives start spinning out of control, and the voice gets fast and frenzied – is that God? Is that even really us at all? Stop and remind yourself that God is calm. When the narrator is losing it – God remains calm. Like waves on an ocean, down below there is calm. We’re kicking up some big waves these days with everything going on in the world. Find the peace behind it as much as possible, and try to live from there. No one can get through life without upset, but we have the ability to choose how we respond. When things happen that crank up the narrator, think “God is calm”… “God is calm”… and step back as much as possible. How many things have you already been through in your life? Remember a few things in the past where you were freaking out that really seem inconsequential now? Maybe it even turned out to alter the course of your life in a very positive way. Surrender to the things you can’t control. Get calm. Look for the voice behind the voice – your intuition. That’s the voice that won’t ever steer you wrong. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with the calm behind the storm. Balance poses in yoga is another. When we live from the place within us that knows only peace, only love, only calm – and make decisions from there – we will live happier, more productive lives. Fear isn’t a great life strategy. Love is. May you all find more love in your everyday moments, more calm, more peace. More happiness. The narrator will calm down the more you live from that place within you.

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