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Man, this day is not going as expected so far. Right out of the gate, what I thought would just be an awesome, peaceful morning had an issue I needed to deal with that took way too long and is almost somewhat kinda resolved but not totally because after a while I just had to walk away from it. But that pushed the entire timeframe forward into the “pressure” zone. Do you know about the pressure zone? Where you have three hours worth of stuff that has to get done but thirty minutes to do it? I’m not a big fan of the pressure zone, but find myself in it frequently. It’s the nature of my job I guess, but today is Sunday for crying out loud. There should be no “pressure zones” allowed on the weekends. Sometimes… life has other ideas, though. And the older I get, the more I just try to roll with it. Not always easy to do. You can only keep kicking the can of responsibilities so far down the road before you actually have to face them. It helps to know your priorities. Because when you’re in the pressure zone – you can’t dwell on it, you need to move forward. If you haven’t prioritized you can waste a bunch of time wondering what to to… overwhelmed with options. Do the most important things first, and sometimes you just can’t get to it all. I think everyone know this feeling. So much to do, so little time. At some point cutting back on things you really don’t need to do but are maybe still in your schedule out of habit might be a decent idea, too. The pandemic might have removed a few of those for you already, I know it cleared a little space in my schedule by default. So, this is what’s on my mind today – not maybe as “deep” as some of my recent posts, but hey – I got things to do here today, including actually going into the office. Yes, on a Sunday. Haven’t done that in a long time, but – priorities, right? I’ll feel way better going in tomorrow after getting things done there today. Only so far you can kick that can before you just stop and do the work. One thing at a time. Drop a few things off the back end. The pressure zone will find all of us at times, but we do have some control over what we do about it and/or how it affects our attitude and life.

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