Looking Out My Back Window #17

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Saying goodbye to Los Cabos and heading home tomorrow. Missing the entire Packer game this time, no way to watch it. This will be the 17th version of the “looking out my back window” posts. I know that because the revisions were finally completed on my website and all the prior posts can be read here: http://davidgeschke.com/blog/ – eventually I might move all the posts there and just link to it from Facebook, but hey – we’re still on vacation in Mexico and I’m not going to spend time thinking about that right now. I did spend a LOT of time on the post that was supposed to be the 17th version, though – and the iPad locked up and it was lost forever. Ouch. I can say I was not (and am not) happy about that at all. My mind is PISSED. Took all that time putting together what I thought was an awesome post and it’s gone forever. When I do these, I just click the photo then write whatever comes into my head and post it. There are no hard copies. If it’s lost… it’s lost for good. Ouch, indeed. Lucky for me I just finished reading “The Surrender Experiment”, though (for the third time). In it, the author (Michael Singer) talks a lot about getting in touch with the part of you “behind” the mind that never stops talking. Watch how the mind freaks out when things like – oh, say spending 30+ minutes on a post while on vacation then having it disappear – happen to you. Try to stay in touch with the part of you behind the incessant chatter. So, that’s what I’m trying to do. The other post was much better than this one. But, hey – we gotta pack and I can’t think about this any more. We’re very grateful we got to be here. We take nothing for granted. We hope you all enjoyed living vicariously through us. Looking forward to going home, though – we love WI. And we have a little dog that misses us 

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