Looking Out My Back Window #174

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Welcome to this week’s “Looking out my back window” post. This week is the 174th week in the series. Over three years now, wow. Thanks to all of you who read, comment, buy the books as they come out and share with your friends – I really appreciate it. People ask me why I don’t do more to get my books sold, to market the message, etc – book signings, talks, internet marketing and the like, and well, writing is just something I feel compelled to do. I love it, and I’ve gotten some incredible feedback over the years, but – as far as becoming a best selling author or getting the books into the hands of more people that isn’t something that really drives me at all. I have other priorities I guess. I love my day job – and I’m blessed to really get to know and help people every day there. I love playing music, and I have a few projects I’m working on there as well. And I love to write and speak. And do yoga, and run, and meditate, and journal – my life if full of things I love to do, and people I love to do them with. How awesome is that? Somehow it just got set up that way. I’m not sure I ever made it a goal at all – like, “make sure your days are spent doing things you love with people you love”, but – here I am. And nowhere in there is anything in my heart that says I need to work on getting my thoughts to more people, to promote what I’m doing, to maybe actually make some money at it. I sell hundreds of book, not thousands – because unless you’re a friend of mine you won’t ever even know about them. And I’m fine with that. It’s on my mind today because a friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Marc Ensign) just wrote a fantastic book called “Be a Dick”. And he’s very good at marketing and promotion. I’ve been watching the things he does to generate interest, and from a purely sales and marketing standpoint I am super impressed by all the ways he’s come up with to get that book into the hands of as many people as possible. Part of me starts to think “I could try so much harder”. And I could, but – the writing is the thing for me right now. The sales and promotion doesn’t excite me. Watching as he promotes his book does, though – I’m telling you you should just buy it. It’s very good. So, what’s today’s point? Fill your life with things and people you love. Eliminate places and people that make you uneasy or unhappy. Don’t get sucked into doing things that won’t make your heart sing because of what other people think. Get in touch with, and really know, what brings you happiness – and live from there. Make your decisions from there. There are no ordinary moments. Every second counts. Buy Marc’s book and see how his friend Dick lives his life and touches people’s heart every day. Then be a Dick (capital D). And the world might just become a better place for all of us 🙂

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